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Can't wait to see if this game ever gets a working leaderboard system so that I can truly master this game, but as it is I'll just have to settle for the best Infinite player ever :'(

Honestly, this game was very fun. It was simple, it was short, but it was entertaining to play and that's the most important part. There are a couple of things that I would tweak myself however maybe I'm just too good at the game! ;)

Thank you so much for the amazing video! Feel free to email me about anything you think I should add.

Lot's of fun, with  good bit of replay value.  I really like that you added customization to this, that's always a really nice touch.  The missions didn't work very well for me, some bugs, so essentially I was just doing a version of the endless mode.  I challenge anyone to beat that high score haha.  I'd love to check this out again when it's got some updates and bug fixes.  Nice work!

Thanks you so much! The Bugs have already been fixed in the 1.3 Update of the Demo :)


Fun game, lots of potential! Just need to work out some bugs. 

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Awesome video! Thank you for pointing out the bugs :)

EDIT: Bugs in this video have been fixed! :)


I had a few good runs. Can't wait to see the upgrades. :) 


Thank you so much! Really nice video :)


Really nice gameplay mechanics. Multiplayer mode looks interesting from the gifs, would love to play that in full version. Will it be able to be played online?

Yes it will be able to be played online but that will come a little bit after release

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This game is very fast paced and kind of addicting haha. I love the minimalist and low poly artstyle. Controls feel kinda weird at times but would definitely buy this tho!

Thank you so much! And the game is still in development so all bugs will be fixed before release